Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I scent my space?

Studies have shown that the sense of smell is the strongest of the 5 senses to trigger memory. Some say that 25 percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by scent. ⓜglobal Scent® is a powerful marketing tool that touches your customer’s emotions, can be a key factor in product perception and in triggering nostalgic memories which can ultimately lead to making purchasing decisions. Scenting creates a pleasant environment for your customers, colleagues and visitors; a space they will want to work and linger in.

2. What does ⓜglobal Scent® work?

We are the premier provider of custom scented indoor environments. We comprehensively evaluate your brand’s guest experience by looking at your geography, architectural style, interior designs, and congruent aroma aesthetics. Then, we create a custom scent to best enhance your property’s varied spaces, functions, and ambiances.

3. Who are ⓜglobal Scent®’s customer?

Our clients cover a broad range of industries – from retail to hospitality, from entertainment to grocery. Big and small. Conservative and creative. Old-school or nouveau. They’re all represented. And each one is experiencing the difference scent marketing makes on their brand and customer experience.

4. How do I know if ⓜglobal Scent® can help me?

If you are having a problem with malodor or would like to add a wonderful scent to your business, there is a good chance that we can help. For more information please click here to contact our Customer Service department.

5. Does ⓜglobal Scent® scent residential homes? And offer the same scents used at polular malls or hotels?

Yes, we can add a wonder fragrance to your home. We have several different devices that would be perfect for your home. We can even offer the same scents used by our commercial customers. Click here to check out our products page to find the best one for you.

6. What differentiates ⓜglobal Scent® from its competitors?

With our patented technology and superior service, we are your complete fragrance solution.
Our patented technology allows us to scent your space in the most cost effective way possible.
With our superior service you can rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on every piece of equipment installed.

7. What is expected for installation and maintenance?

ⓜglobal Scent® is responsible for the installation and routine maintenance of all aroma systems unless otherwise specified.

8. What is the main difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

Essential oils occur in nature and are extracted directly from plants or flowers while fragrance oils are a mixture of both natural and synthetic oils.

9. How many and what type of fragrances are available?

We have hundreds of different scents in all different categories ready for you to enjoy. Whether floral, citrus, herbal, woody, edible or seasonal, we have it all!

10. How much do ⓜglobal Scent® products and services cost?

Our prices vary greatly depending on the scope of work. Click here to check the plan and pricing, also you could request a quote from our sales team.