After careful consideration, you’ve decided to engage consultants to assist you with a business challenge. Now what? You often buy products and services related to your business, but how often do you buy specific consulting services? Unless you’re an expert in the field, how do you assess the quality, value, and reliability of competing providers?

We believe the same should apply to the market for consulting services. From access to ratings, to finding the consultants who are right for you, to implementation of solutions, you should have a seamless, reliable experience that you can be sure will create value for your business.

Consulting Advisory

The right consultant for a given project is not necessarily qualified for the next one. How to identify and find the consultants with the right expertise that will fit with your company culture and get up to speed quickly? We help you through the process from scoping to evaluation, including the identification and pre-qualification of consultants fitting your criteria.

Procurement Strategy

Assessing the performance of your consulting services providers is a key element for making sure your money was well spent, and for improving your panel of suppliers and the professionalism of your procurement team. We help you build your consulting procurement strategy and implement a world class performance management system like none other.

Performance Evaluation

As a consulting Services Provider, you want to know how well your company, but also your partners, are perceived by your clients. We mesure the performance of your consulting assignments experienced by your customers. Benchmarking against our extensive database, we help you to identify key areas for improvements and differentiating factors to feature.

What our clients are saying…

“The ⓜglobal team is always willing to go the extra mile for our team and our clients. They frequently assist us with last minute requests and questions, helping us give our clients the best service!”